A best opportunity to invest in dha Multan

A best opportunity to invest in dha Multan

A best opportunity to invest in dha Multan

Multan is a historic city and considered as the southern metropolitan city of Punjab. The rich cotton southern Punjab is an ideal location for a first of its kind upscale residential society. DHA Multan chapter by DHA is recognized as the great thing that has happened to the real estate sector of Multan.

DHA Multan will change the lives of more than one million people in the coming years through a huge economic activity that would create thousands of new jobs and businesses.

DHA Multan will be a model society with distinct housing portfolio for families of high-income, moderate and low. Ingenious planning, safe and secure environment, and state-of-the-art development and offer all the comforts of life at the door to be the hallmark of the group. Community and it will be where each person has a clean place to live.

Plan and develop innovative and sustainable housing projects by maintaining best quality and safety practices and bringing prosperity to all stakeholders. Develop vacant public lands or acquire privately owned land in accordance with government policies for the purpose of designing, developing and implementing investment facilities, schemes and opportunities through the creation of communities, business centers, theme parks, etc.

Features of DHA Multan:
The developer of DHA Multan has published some distinctive features that will be developed in DHA Multan. These features include state-of-the-art city planning, world-class road network and metropolitan infrastructure, electricity wiring would be underground in DHA Multan, that is very rare in Pakistan. In addition, an exquisite Golf and Country Club, lush open theme park, vigilant integrated security system, community centers and clubs will also be developed internally at DHA Multan – to make it the true urbanized housing project of Pakistan.

Development and planning of land is accordance with international guidelines and standards for existing residential, commercial and recreational projects.

Develop subsidiaries and joint ventures with any other entity to develop more effective business and operational models and take advantage of opportunities that may arise from time to time.

The chosen location for the establishment of DHA Multan is a viable one, precisely positioned in extreme nearness to Northern-Bypass , Bossan Road and Bahauddin Zakaria University. The inauguration of DHA Multan in cohesion with these mentioned significant developments of Multan city shows the conviction of the dominance to make DHA Multan a feasible housing venture for its prospective investors.
Some other developments that are found near DHA Multan comprise of Wapda City, Women’s University, Khanewal Road in addition Daewoo Multan Terminal can also be found within a few minutes drive of DHA Multan.

DHA Multan Payment Plan

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