DHA Multan Today Files Prices Update 3 July 2017

DHA Multan Today Files Prices Update 3 July 2017

DHA Multan Today Files Prices Update 3 July 2017

Lahore Real Estate Market Pulse: DHA Multan Installments Files Prices Update:

Residential Plots Profit On Booking Prices

5 Marla Buyers at 3.60 Lacs Seller Demands at 4 Lacs (Booking Price 20 Lacs in 3 years installments)

8 Marla Buyer at 5 Lacs Seller Demands at 5.50 Lacs (Booking Price 30 Lacs in 3 years instalments)

10 Marla Buyer at 5.75 Lacs Seller Demands at 6.25 Lacs (Booking price 35 Lacs in instalments)

1 Kanal Buyer at 5 Lacs Seller Demands at 6 Lacs (Booking price 68 Lacs in 3 years installment)

2 Kanal Buyer at 10 Lacs Seller Demands at 11 Lacs ( Booking price 130 Lacs in 3 years in instalments)

Commercial Plots Profit On Booking Prices:

4 Marla Buyers at 19 Lacs Sellers Demands at 21 Lacs ( Booking price 175 Lacs in 3 years installment)
8 Marla Buyers at 23 Lacs Sellers Demands at 25 Lacs ( Booking price 350 lacs in 3 years in installment)

* Sellers must pay own membership fee (Rs.64160 ) and any seller taxes when or if imposed. All seller are must required to travel to DHA Multan for transfers and pays his own travel expenses***
For Best Buying/Selling Experience In DHA Multan At Lahore Real Estate Land Or Installments Files Please Contact our Most Experience Representatives:

Mian Fawad
Mian Waqas
Asim Irfan
Khawaja Jawad
Ch Jamshad

Lahore Real Estate is authorized registered dealers of DHA Lahore DHA Bahawalpur DHA Gujranwala and under process pending registration application with DHA Multan.


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